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Total 911 is the world's only magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911, the iconic sports car with more than half a century of heritage and excellence to its name.All models of 911 are covered, from the sought-after classics to today's incredible supercars.Produced by true Porsche enthusiasts, Total 911 immerses you in the 911 world, with road tests on new models as well as the rarest Porsche exotica from all over the world, great drives, technical advice, exclusive interviews, respected columnists, news and comment, and much more.Each issue also includes an invaluable Datafile containing key details of every 911 ever built.

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The effects of poor diet and vitamin/mineral deficiency can have on aging? Causes of night waking and what to do about it (letting them cry vs. How to give your baby a massage (benefits, techniques and tips) 280.

However, my intense dislike, is when those in the dating industry, matchmakers or dating coaches also jump on this bandwagon in "fooling" the general public they have somehow created this wonderful NEW NICHE site for " Pet Lovers, Opera Lovers, theatre, fitness, to the real culprits of "Wolves in Sheep clothing" that attempt to pull naïve, but genuine people in to the "LUXURY, ELITE, WEALTHY, EXCLUSIVE and AFFLUENT end of the market by tricking them with false information and promises.

How do they do this, by convincing people the members are from a certain SECTION of society, whatever niche that may be.

So I believe "all" niche sites are hugely misleading.

IF it were any other professional sector, it would not be permitted.

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