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So say something about his class ring or the shoes he’s wearing.

Chances are, there’s a story there; and he’ll welcome the opportunity to share it.

To help keep conversation flowing, we have compiled a list of great first date questions: light-hearted ones to get you started and some more serious ones to give you insight. Whether you are off for a coffee (the most popular first date for our female members) or out for dinner (the male favourite), there is a good chance that there will be a bill to settle.

Remember, this time is all about establishing a friendly connection; you want to see if your lifestyles could work together, but don’t want it to feel like an interrogation! And why should you offer to pay (or at least go halves)?

Whenever the app matched those people with someone new, it sent them a prompt to use one of the conversation starters.

The company then tracked what lines were sent most frequently and measured response rates to detect trends.

But these strategies aren’t real ways to start a connection with a man.

" and "Do you have any life-threatening food allergies?

No matter how much you have been talking to someone online, actually meeting them in person is different.

After all, this is the first real chance to test out your compatible chemistry and, with that kind of pressure, getting tongue-tied is only too easy!

The flip side, of course, is that you both discover a shared delight for dogs or craze for cats, in which case the night just got better!

This one is a bit of a sneaky way to find out someone’s life story without seeming like you’re grilling them.

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