Cerebral palsy and dating

Individual with CP often think that their situation will hinder them from building a normal relationship.Some even avoided the idea of being in a relationship.I have a blog called Eyeliner and Empowerment and I also created a You Tube channel to spread as much awareness about CP as I can. Whispers4has been helping disabled singles find love online and trusted since 2002.My experience on dating sites is that if I put up a picture, I get no answers. I go around offering/volunteering all over the place.If I don't put up a picture, I occasionally get a response. The moment she asks to see the picture, and I show her (it's face'n'shoulders only! No one wants to be seen with Frankenstein's prototype. Last time I applied for a job was in a fish'n'chip shop. We don't want to scare our customers away (chortlings from other staff members.)Now I don't think I'm unique. And EVERYWHERE, including the local Volunteer Services Bureau, turns you down without trying you out. I want to join in with life, but it's like wanting to get into the after-Oscars party if you're not on the guest list. Because I truly feel you'll be helping a LOT of disabled people if you do.- State of the art website features - Webcams, Audio and Video Profiles!- Search our ever growing database and view profiles and photos for FREE!

We enjoyed each other's company, so why not see where this could go? If we weren't going to be dating, maybe I didn't have to tell him exactly how serious my slight limp actually was.To him, CP meant that my gait was awkward and my balance shaky.Other subtleties that accompanied my diagnosis—my difficulties with depth perception and direction, my need for assistance when using downward escalators, and the numb sensation in a small part of my left knee that took the brunt of my semi-often falls—were still my secrets.The diagnosis was that I was never going walk or move a fi…Hi I’m Jessica, I’m 25 years old and I try and conquer Cerebral Palsy each day one step at a time.

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