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"When you think of a title for a book, you are forced to think of something short and evocative, like, well, 'The Virtual Community,' even though a more accurate title might be: 'People who use computers to communicate, form friendships that sometimes form the basis of communities, but you have to be careful to not mistake the tool for the task and think that just writing words on a screen is the same thing as real community.'" - HLR Introduction Chapter One: The Heart of the WELL Chapter Two: Daily Life in Cyberspace: How the Computerized Counterculture Built a New Kind of Place Chapter Three: Visionaries and Convergences: The Accidental History of the Net Chapter Four: Grassroots Groupminds Chapter Five: Multi-user Dungeons and Alternate Identities Chapter Six: Real-time Tribes Chapter Seven: Japan and the Net Chapter Eight: Telematique and Messageries Rose: A Tale of Two Virtual Communities Chapter Nine: Electronic Frontiers and Online Activists Chapter Ten: Disinformocracy Bibliography A year and a half after I met Izumi Aizu and Katsura Hattori from Tokyo, I met Lionel Lumbroso and Annick Morel from Paris, who also became my friends, interpreters, and guides to their charming city.My encounters with French online culture helped me see a few more outlines of the Net's global nature.Most important of all, remember that when you use Uber you will meet people who may look different or think differently from you. We want everyone to feel welcome when they use Uber. As a passenger, if you need to make a phone call, keep your voice down to avoid disturbing your driver or other riders. Of course, drivers have a particular responsibility when it comes to safety at Uber.

We offer a diverse and robust community through a wide range of products, Services, and online areas (such as chat rooms and message boards).The account holder is responsible for all activities on that account.If you are the primary account holder, ensure that anyone who uses your account, or any Username on your account, is familiar with and agrees to abide by the Community Guidelines.In April 2016 we've hit a new milestone, that of conviction number 600! On average, 50 convictions a year for twelve years now.We've been working hard behind the scenes, still hitting the rooms and working with police. For those of you who only know us from "To Catch a Predator", we were working hard before TCAP and we're working hard after TCAP.

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