Consolidating itunes library to external hard drive

There are 3 main ways of adding music to an i Tunes library; purchased downloads from the i Tunes Music Store, ripping CDs directly into i Tunes, and importing files that are already on your hard drive into your library.

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For example, you may want to upgrade from the old PC to the new one, so you need to copy all i Tunes music from old PC to a portable hard drive then import the music from the portable hard drive to your new computer.

Firstly you need to open the i Tunes media folder on computer via the File Manager (Windows explorer).

After that insert the external hard drive, flash drive, thumb drive or any other external storage medium to your PC, copy and paste the i Tunes music folder to the external storage device.

You will learn how to back up i Tunes music from Windows PC to external hard drive, flash drive manually without any third party software.

This method works with all major Windows versions, including the latest Windows 10.

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