Dating 201

Even though the machine is straight stitch only, with reverse, Singer produced lots of attachments to achieve different finishes.These included Buttonholers, Zigzag attachments, Blind Stitchers and many more.As people’s needs shifted, technology followed suit.

In the early 2000’s, the digital boom saw the rise of sites like e Harmony, Ok Cupid, and

As the top of the range model, the 201 machines were always the most expensive to buy.

A 1947 price list shows that an electric model 201K3 cost £28-11s-6d compared to £25-14s-6d for a 15K82, or £23-6s-6d for a 99K13 Some 201D models were made at the Wittenberge factory in Germany until the factory was closed at the end of WW11 201P models were the same as 201K23’s but they were assembled in Penrith, Australia from parts made in the Kilbowie factory in the UK.

Indicating romantic interest was once a bit of an art form.

People used to have to be ardent about pursuing their romantic interests as the only way you could find out more about someone was to talk to them or associate with members of their personal network, i.e. This meant having not only the gall to present oneself to a stranger, but making a concerted effort to make a connection happen.

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