Dating put away your credit card

Once you add your new credit card to your wallet, you have to remove your old card and cut it with a pair of scissors.

This is to keep your financial integrity and security intact.

The amount of time it takes for a payment to post to your credit card account depends on how you pay, when you pay, your credit card issuer, and your bank.

Electronic payments made online or by phone will post to your credit card account faster than a mailed check, obviously because you don’t have to wait for the mail to reach your credit card issuer.

For example, you may want to make a large purchase on your credit card so you pay your balance down to make room for the payment.

Instead it generally takes several business days and potentially even up to a week before a refunded purchase will appear on your credit card ledger.

Generally when a refund is processed for a returned item within the same credit card billing cycle, you won’t be held responsible to make a payment on that specific charge.

Then, at the end of your monthly billing cycle, you’ll receive a bill (called your monthly Credit Card statement), with the amount you must pay back to the bank.

It’s the period of time when the purchases you make do not accrue any interest provided you pay your balance by the payment due date shown on the monthly statement.

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