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Enabling a setting in Whats App will give you notice that you may be communicating with an imposter.The way to protect yourself is to go to the “Settings” icon at the bottom right of your Whats App screen, open up the Account settings area, and turn on the "Show Security Notifications" setting. The next time you are face-to-face with your Whats App friend, and you want to increase your Whats App security even more, here are the simple steps to do so.I wanted to see if they are really secured or not," the researcher said."These days every other site maintain logs, even most of the VPN sites too maintain logs.But , because it projects into the future rather than describing the technical details of the recent past.But its depiction of user interface elements and product design reflect a coherent understanding of how the technologies of today work, and thus where they may be tomorrow.

The story features a teenage hacker army that uses GPS to send private e-mails and exploits software-defined radios in game consoles to create mesh networks protected by strong crypto. When information security is the difference between a working hospital and one that has to be shut down (as was the case with the ransomware attacks on hospitals across America in 2016) and when server break-ins can affect the outcomes of U. elections, it’s clear that we all need a better sense of what computers can do for us and how they can burn us.The best part about this new feature is that Whats App users did not have to do anything in order to take advantage of this new feature.It is rare that security improvements are this easy., they talk about it in ways that actual hackers talk about hacking.This kind of dialogue should never have been hard to produce: hacker presentations from Black Hat and Def Con are a click away on You Tube.

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