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Also known as in-law suites, granny flats or backyard cottages, these homes are seen as a way to add housing in a tight rental market without drastically changing neighborhoods.

Other West Coast cities such as Seattle, Portland and San Francisco are grappling with rising rents, a lack of available housing and buildable land. About 65 ADUs have been built in Vancouver since 2000. Bryan Snodgrass attributes the local lack of construction to market conditions, including the cost and requirements, as well as their overall newness.

Deciding to participate in a clinical trial requires careful consideration.Chris Dickinsen, who lives across the street from Manzhura, has mixed feelings about ADU development.“The average person can’t afford to live in Carter Park anymore,” she said.The new rules also make it clear that owners of multi-unit apartment buildings cannot rent their apartments for less than 14 days.Hundreds of these kinds of units are listed for rent on short-term rental sites like Airbnb, Home Away, Flip Key, Craig’s List, Sabbatical and VRBO.

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