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And up until this moment we were pretty certain that there wasn't a vegan option to be had at many favorite chains. It turns out, after a bit of digging, we were able to find meat- and dairy-free options from some of the top drive-thru spots across the nation (13 to be exact).Some are hacks, some are actual menu items, and many are viable meal options.Poking around the internet I found the following facts on veganism and thought I'd share them with you all. 78% of vegans went vegan between the ages of 16 and 34, with 52% between the ages of 16 and 24.The average (mean) age for turning vegan is 24.1, although the most frequent ages are 19, 20 and 21.

His Ghost Mice bandmate Hannah O'Connor also come to his defense.Read More It's official: New York City is getting a "Night Mayor." After being proposed by Councilman Rafael Espinal earlier this year, The City Council voted Thursday (8/24) to create a Nightlife Commission, with 12 members plus someone to head it...Jane and I were talking about the demographics of vegans the other day.Reply Our son just isn’t a milk drinker – neither cow’s milk or milk alternatives. He had breast milk from me/in a bottle for about 15 months.Why Asheville is One of America’s Hottest Vegan Cities With a wealth of vegan-friendly restaurants and a mayor-proclaimed Vegan Awareness Week, Asheville might be the new vegan capital of the South.

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