Wwe lita dating wm punk

Not only that, but ROH also gave me the opportunity to work with the Women of Honor.

We shot 2 episodes of a series we’re putting together showcasing women’s wrestling in ROH.

There’s no shame in the game, no matter how dirty you play. And since the WWE superstars have fans all over the world, they spend most of their time traveling together, training together and fighting.

So it’s no surprise that most of them end up hooking up.

With CM Punk's feelings for AJ Lee starting to reblossom, he does everything in his power to keep AJ safe from a very vengeful Daniel Bryan. What happens when they get assigned to be partners for a project that makes them have to learn about each other? CM Punk has always loved AJ but yet AJ has moved on.

One week when I was 22, I entered the Diva Search online thinking nothing of it.So I was already involved in entertainment, but nothing big as WWE. It was nerve racking just like any other reality show and I definitely learned a ton.How was your overall experience with the Diva Search? It worked out great because Mike is such a good heel.Especially, if you were surrounded by tons of attractive and feisty wrestlers.Even world champion wrestlers aren’t strong enough to withstand that kind of torture!

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