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The next sentence you’re about to read is completely true, even though you might not believe it.

There’s a woman who made .9 MILLION dollars last year by recording herself opening Disney toys, and then uploading the videos to You Tube. Open Slate, a video analytics platform, crunched last year’s numbers and made a list of the highest-earning You Tube channels, based on ad revenue.

In 2012 she launched ‘Wonderland Wardrobe,’ a channel dedicated to DIY fashion and lifestyle videos, as well as vlogs.

This one proved to be even more successful than her previous channels and thus set the pace for her career as a famous social media personality.

Outside, there is the "pasture project" — a fenced enclosure with two sheds, patios, and enough grass and trees for them to play without getting bored.

That’s DK4L’s shtick: doing random things — but doing them together.I started taking in cats but it wasn't my intention to have 1,000-plus cats — but it's happened one step at a time."I went from my five bedroom home with a swimming pool, bar and a view of the river to a 1,600 square foot mobile home with rusty metal." The spacious house is now pure feline territory, consisting of a kitchen where all the cats are fed by staff, a wood stove room for them to keep warm, an indoor "kitty garden" to help acclimate any cats who have spent their lives indoors, and even a "condo room" with beds, food, water, and benches for the cats to sleep on.Mc Kenzie’s reactions to the ridiculousness that Kai is facing are much more natural and funny in these settings.The flashbacks, rather than the coffee shop scenes, are what make this series worth watching.

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